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Valby Production Kitchen

Where the magic happens. 

Our bakery on Toftegards Alle is where we create all of our pies.  From freshly rolled pastry to tasty nutritious fillings, it all happens on site so don't be surprised to hear a few bangs from the kitchen as our bakers work to provide you with the most tasty pies in town.

Pie tower.jpg

Toftegards Alle 43

Valby is our original cafe, where the pie journey started back in 2016.  In the cafe you can smell freshly ground Costa Kalundborg coffee mixed with that lovely smell of oven baked pastry.  Fresh cookies might be sitting out cooling down, or you may smell caramelising sugars as we burn the tops of our lemon meringues.  Eat-in and takeaway available.   

City Cafe

Frederiksborggade 50

As you walk from the Norreport to the lakes, you might just smell that beautiful scent of freshly baked pastry and sweet ground coffee wafting out our front door.  Drop on in for a pie menu to eat in, with salad, potato and pea's or grab a pie for eating as you walk or heating up later.

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