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The Pie

What is a New Zealand Pie? First and foremost it’s not a tærte and it’s not sweet. Imagine a savoury and hearty stew with meet and vegetables. Then imagine said stew inside a fluffy puff pastry. The result is a practical and delicous comfort food easy to eat on the go or save in the fridge for heating on a rainy day.

We believe that fresh is best and when it comes to vegetables, if they are not crisp, crunchy or colorful – we wont use them.

The very best Lean Meats

When it comes to selecting the most succulent, flavorsome meats – we only use the best cuts so that the meat in your pie melts in your mouth.


These guys are the big flavor contributors, so we pull out all the stops to find the most flavorsome organic herbs and spices.

home made pastry

We make all our pastry in house and that means our home-made savoury, sweet and vegan pastry varieties are tasty enough to make the heart melt.

Our Team

A small team on a journey to introduce the Danes to the much loved kiwi Pie.
Founder & Owner
Stu is a Kiwi hailing from most parts of New Zealand. Happily living in Copenhagen for the last 6 years in 2015 Stu decided to step out, to disconnect from the corporate life and start something new. Having began his working life at 15 folding boxes in a pie factory, it was rather amusing that half a life time later he\’d be back doing the same thing…but this time at his own place, Wild Kiwi Pies.
The man in charge of pie production
Jonathan came to us uneducated in the art of pie making, but it did not take him long to get the hang of things. A real asset, Jonathan is always looking for ways to improve our pies, his attention to detail and customer satisfaction is second to none. If you like the pies, be sure to send Jonathan a big thumbs up.
Wild Kiwi Dream Team
Wild Kiwi Dream Team
Hailing from the far depths of Jutland, Cherie has survived not only the mean streets of Copenhagen, but also having to survive amongst a team of Kiwis. She has done it all with a bright smile and a willingness to learn. Our chief Barista, Cherie makes some mean coffees if you are lucky enough to be in when she is at the coffee machine!
Wild Kiwi Pies Dream Team
Wild Kiwi Pies Dream Team
Wild Kiwi Pies Dream Team

About us

At Wild Kiwi Pies we believe that life is an adventure. Bite into a Wild Kiwi Pie and step out; disconnect and become the adventurer.
Step out and do more of what you love

Founded in 2015, Wild Kiwi Pies is out to bring a slice of heaven (sometimes known as New Zealand) to the people of Denmark.

Our pies aren't just tasty comfort food, they're a part of New Zealand's culture. So much so that over 60 million pies are eaten every year in New Zealand (and there's only 4 million of us!).

Pies are eaten at all times of the day, but are particularly popular at lunchtime washed down with a coffee, or for dinner when you don’t want to cook.

Come in and find out what makes these pastry covered delicacies so popular half a world away.

  • Pie types

    We're continually developing new pie flavours, and take special care to ensure every pie is of the highest quality.

  • Partnerships

    Ask for a Wild Kiwi Pie at your local pub. Slowly changing Danish food habits one pie at a time.

  • Eat Now or Eat Later

    We offer warm, chilled, or frozen pies. Enjoy them now, or serve them later.

  • Catered Events

    We're ready to cater to your event, what ever it may be. Private and corporate.



Build your own pie packs by mixing and matching your favourite pies and sausage rolls. To view all the pies, head to our shop at Toftegårds Allé 43, 2500 København, or purchase online via our webshop.

8 pack

Perfect for a boys night watching footy



4 pack

Quick meal for the family? Here you go.



10 rolls

For those who just love sausage rolls



28 Party Pies

A box of 28 party pies for sharing with friends



Wild Kiwi Pies in the media

World famous in Denmark since just recently